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Dr SubramaniamUnder the leadership of Dr. A.P. Subramaniam ,M.D., (General Medicine).FCCP.,FRSH (London).,PG Dip DIA CARE (Australia), a renowned caregiver and researcher in the intensive management of type 1 diabetes and prevention of diabetes and its complications, Maharaja Speciality Hospital continues to reach new heights by building upon a long history of excellence. Dr. A.P. Subramaniam is one of the well known Cardio – Diabetologist in Namakkal ,Tamilnadu. He is a member of INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, (API) and various international and national diabetes associations. He has various publications to his credit and regularly participates in various national and international diabetes conference. Maharaja Speciality Hospital (Diabetes Specialities, Dialysis, Emergency & Critical Care Centre) with state-of-art technology, provides sophisticated and specialised medical services at affordable costs in diabetes and its related specialties. The warm ambience of the hospital, its team of cheerful and dedicated doctors and well trained support staff ensure that the best in healthcare services are given to patients.They are supported by well-trained technical and nursing personal and have at their disposal the latest equipments. Maharaja Speciality Hospital is multispeciality hospital in Namakkal. It is Best Hospital with Diabetes Speciality Hospitals and Leading Diabetic Centre. The facilities available are on par with any modern clinical care facility anywhere in the world.

Diabetes Care

Maharaja Speciality Hospital is committed to helping you and your loved ones successfully manage diabetes using the latest techniques, treatments and technology available.

24 Hours Service

At Maharaja Speciality Hospital, we offer a unique 24 hour, 365 days a year after hours emergency service. We have staff ready to assist you at any time during the night, should an emergency arise.

Expert Multi-Disciplinary Doctors

Maharaja Speciality Hospital houses a team of expert and experienced doctors. Our multi-disciplinary team strives to make each day curative for the patients with utmost care and comfort.

Emergency Departments

Maharaja Speciality Hospital facilitates all emergency cases. We have 24 hour ambulatory services and have the reputation of being one of the fastest responding hospitals in an emergency.

We understand diabetes changes lives. But we also know that with the help of the right people, diabetes doesn’t have to change lives for the worse. Year after year, our patients have told us we are the right people, because we do understand not only the clinical elements of diabetes, but also the human element. We understand each person is unique and treat accordingly.

Dr. A.P. Subramaniam ,M.D.,(General Medicine).FCCP.,FRSH(London).,PG Dip DIA CARE(Australia)
Diabetes Centre

Our team of diabetologist, physicians, certified nurses and nutrition educators tailor treatment specifically to your needs.

Primary Health Care
General Pediatrics
Cardiac Unit
General Surgery
Our Medical Services
  • Chronic Care for Diabetes
  • Annual Physicals
  • Emergency Heart Attack & Critical Care
  • Brain, Neuropathy care, Foot Care Clinic
  • Blood Vessel & Vascular Special Care
  • Diabetes Complicated Pregnancy
  • Kidney Care & Dialysis Special care
  • Dept. Ortho-pedic and Plastic Surgery Care
  • ENT and Thyroid Care
  • Laminar Air Flow Operation Theatre
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
General Information
Individual Consults

In these one-on-one sessions, our diabetologist will help you customize your diabetes plan for a healthy and comfortable new lifestyle. Sessions cover nutrition, exercise, oral medication, insulin, and blood sugar testing.

Group Consults
Insulin Initiation Program
Dose Management Program
Diabetes and Pregnancy Program